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Skip to main content Press Enter. Home News Article Display. Related Links. Commonly referred to as the year retirement, TERA eligibility will be based on the updated matrices posted on myPers, and will apply to Airmen who have between 15 and 20 years of active service. April 15 - May 13 TERA Window The first window, planned for April May 13, is for Airmen who were unable to apply during the original application window that ended March 26 due to unwaiverable active-duty service commitments, or ADSC, deployment status or a short tour assignment.

Opening a second window helps ensure that those Airmen are treated equitably. The revised policy makes an exception for those Airmen, allowing them to apply and, if approved, have the ability to separate or retire based on their circumstances. Approved Airmen not on a deployment or short tour mentioned earlier, must be retired by Sept. Detailed instructions on this new TERA window were published this week to ensure information was available by the April 15 opening.

At the same time, a second voluntary separation pay window will be open for these RIF-eligible officers. These TERA and VSP windows ensure all officers who may be subject to the involuntary board in October have an opportunity to apply and be considered for a voluntary program. These opportunities have adjusted retirement or separation dates allowing time for affected Airmen to plan and prepare. For full application instructions and eligibility requirements, go to the myPers website and enter "Active Duty: FY14 Force Management Programs" in the search window, select the link to the program page, and select the officer or enlisted force management programs link.

Engage Facebook Twitter. Air Force usairforce Apr. We're in…. That's a. How many will be pilots? Or what countries our international cadets are from? AFThunderbirds usairforce …. Two weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Pres. Roosevelt demanded a response.

AF opens additional TERA, VSP windows

The Goblet Ceremony. Get the latest news on the Dept.Scott Simoneaux, commander of the military personnel flight at Ramstein Air Base, answers questions from airmen July 30,about programs the Air Force is using to help cut about 1, airmen in Most of those measures are voluntary, including the fiscal Temporary Early Retirement Authority, which gives eligible airmen with 15 to 19 years of service the opportunity to apply for early retirement.

The personnel specialists answered questions Tuesday at a town hall briefing about the programs the Air Force is using to help cut about 1, airmen by the end of next fiscal year to meet its authorized end strength ofMost of those measures, so far, are voluntary, including TERA, a program that allows eligible enlisted airmen and officers with at least 15 years of service to apply for early retirement.

At Ramstein alone, an estimated 1, airmen are eligible for TERA, based on a broad look at career specialties and years of service, said Capt. Scott Simoneaux, commander of the military personnel flight. TERA is open to technical sergeants, master sergeants, captains, majors and lieutenant colonels with between 15 and 19 years of service in most career fields, with a few exceptions.

Airmen accepted for early retirement would receive traditional retirement pay, minus 1 percentage point for each year short of 20 years. Jason Simpson, 36, who attended the Tuesday morning briefing to find out more about the program. Applications will be approved or denied, with airmen notified of the decision, by Sept. Airmen approved for early retirement will have to leave the service by Nov.

That timeline is too soon for some airmen he knows, Simpson said. Those with no active-duty service commitments will be approved first, he said.

After that, other factors considered will be the number of active-duty service commitment waivers being requested. For example, airmen serving overseas can waive up to 18 months left on their tour commitment. Also, service obligations incurred for transferring G. Bill education benefits to dependents can also be waived under TERA, officials said. The Air Force last week announced one upcoming involuntary separation measure for some officers: It plans to convene selective early retirement boards for full colonels and lieutenant colonels in December.

The military personnel flight will hold another briefing on Air Force force-shaping initiatives on Wednesday at 2 p. Home News Air Force. Early retirement called 'great opportunity' for AF members. US: Naval buildup in Caribbean not aimed at ousting Maduro.With the current military drawdown, involuntary separations will be a way of life for military members for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, being informed you will be involuntarily separated from the military usually comes with little notice. You will likely go through a range of emotions as you come to terms with the fact that your military career is ending, whether you want it to or not. We covered this topic recently in a podcast about Force Shaping and involuntary separations.

The podcast covers some of your options, including the benefits that will be made available to you, the option of joining the Guard or Reserves, early retirement, or in some situations, being eligible to receive separation pay. This article covers separation pay in more detail, including an overview of the eligibility requirements, types of separation pay, how to calculate involuntary separation pay, and more.

Military separation pay is comparable to the severance pay you might find in the civilian world. However, not all servicemembers who are involuntarily separated from the military are eligible to receive separation pay benefits. Common reasons for being eligible to receive involuntary separation pay include separated under Force Shaping, or Reduction in Force measures, or exceeding high-year tenure for your rank.

Financial Management

To qualify for Full Separation Pay, the service member must agree to serve in the Ready Reserve or similar Reserve Component for a minimum of 3 years following release from active duty service. Half Pay Eligibility: Half Pay also requires a minimum of 6 years of active service, and less than Be sure to check with your personnel department to verify you will be eligible for separation pay.

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However, TERA is only offered on a case by case basis, and is not guaranteed to everyone with 15 years of service. You need to apply for TERA and it needs to be approved by your branch of service. Hopefully those who have served at least 15 years will be eligible to retire under TERA, as the retirement benefit is substantially more valuable than the one time, lump-sum payment that comes from involuntary separation pay. The longer you have served and the higher your rank, the greater the value of your separation payment.

So far as I know, you cannot change the withholding rate. If you overpay your taxes, you will receive a refund when you file your tax return the following year. Taxes will be handled in a similar manner to taxes on a military bonus. However, if you go on to retire from the Guard or Reserves, you will be required to pay back your separation pay. There is no option for repaying the balance in a lump sum, but you can request that DFAS increase your withholding to speed up your repayment of the separation pay.

Here is more information about paying back separation pay upon retirement.

air force tera 2019

Separation Pay and VA Service-Connected Disability Compensation: Federal law requires the VA to withhold compensation pay for veterans separation pay, severance pay, and readjustment pay, less any federal taxes already paid. This applies to both voluntary and involuntary separation pay. Here is more information about when the VA can recoup disability compensation. Additional notes: Separation pay benefits can be complicated and each situation is unique. The goal is to give you a rough idea of how the benefit works, so you can run some calculations on your own.

You can also read the law as written in 10 U. So here is my situation in a nutshell: 1. Received full sep pay Feb 3.More soldiers. More deployments. More money. A new Joint Chiefs chairman, Army chief of staff and sergeant major of the Army. Tougher — and longer — training, a new PT test finally and a new uniform.

Critical changes to the GI Bill and Tricare. Soldiers can expect to bring many key changes that will impact their lives at home and in uniform. The Army needs to grow by 11, soldiers this year to meet its end strength goals. Army Chief of Staff Gen. The clock is counting down toward your first Army Combat Fitness Test for record. Debate over troops' next pay raise could be key in budget talks throughout For more newsletters click here.

With infantry training set to go from 14 to 22 weeks permanently inthe service is eyeing an extension for all basic training programs. The upcoming BCT changes come as the Army re-configures its forces. More than two years in the making, the Army announced on Veterans Day that it would indeed be adopting a new service uniform in The Army is moving out of its comfort zone as it tries to connect with today's generation of young people.

Ongoing operations and experimentation will inform how the warfighting concept evolves. New methods of firing a completely different bullet will be on display at the test fire. The gear would merge night vision, weapon targeting and battlefield data. Service leadership will choose from four submissions after soldiers and Marines finish field testing. These units are tailored for what the Pentagon sees as a counter to the Russia threat in Europe.

You'll have to wait until the open enrollment season — next November — to switch plans. Military officials trying to drive changes that will improve the movement of troops' household goods. Staff report. Meghann Myers. Who will they be?Expect to see a lot of these questions answered with the release of the fiscal year budget, which officials have said will be released in early February.

However, much of this could be dependent on whether the Air Force sees a funding bump this year. On Dec. The FX will be a new variant of the F that includes a new electronic warfare suite, radar, cockpit and the ability to carry more missiles. Bloomberg reports that the decision to buy the new aircraft stems from top Pentagon leaders who want new Fs to replace the aging models used by the Air National Guard — and pointedly not the Air Force, which has been resistant to buying new, fourth-generation planes.

In September, when asked whether the service was considering the purchase of the FX, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said the service needed to use its purchasing power to buy more fifth-generation fighter jets like the F Sign up for the Early Bird Brief, the defense industry's most comprehensive news and information, straight to your inbox. By giving us your email, you are opting in to the Early Bird Brief. Dave Goldfein, justify the purchase of new Fs, and how they characterize their own levels of support for the initiative.

A lack of enthusiasm could be seen as damning on Capitol Hill. That could provide a hint on just how big this investment ultimately may get. The Air Force was supposed to put out a final request for proposals this year for new light attack aircraft.

air force tera 2019

That has officially been pushed back untilleaving two competitors in a state of purgatory. But industry sources are still unsure whether the Air Force will commit to a formal program of record. If fewer than planes are purchased, those will likely be deployed exclusively by Air Force Special Operations Command for low-intensity combat, Maj.

A larger buy of hundreds of aircraft would allow the Air Force to spread its light attack planes more widely, through the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. How do Air Force space operations change with the addition of a Space Force? The service would be led by a Space Force chief of staff and an undersecretary of the Air Force for the Space Force, who would report to the Air Force secretary.

Still yet to be seen is whether that solution will satisfy Congress. Do the Navy and Army keep their own portions of the military space enterprise? And who is going to get named as the undersecretary of the Air Force for the Space Force, anyway? Will there be some restructuring of Air Force headquarters at the Pentagon? This, she said, was part of a larger reorganization currently being considered by service leadership.

However, leaders have said little about what sort of changes have been proposed. Is this just the transfer of some responsibilities from one office to another, or might we see some consolidation or the creation of new offices as a result of the deliberations? Valerie Insinna is Defense News' air warfare reporter.

Sign up for our Military Space Report Get the latest news about space and strategic systems. For more newsletters click here. Fear of missing out? Thanks for signing up.I got an email back in April from someone wanting to know if a veteran was yanking his chain about being retired with only 16 years of Active Duty service.

As it turns out, there was no chain yanking. It is possible to retire with less than 20 years of service, and not have it be a medical retirement. Under the program, authorized members with over 15, but less than 20 years of total active duty service were allowed to apply for early retirement. It allowed the military to help in the drawdown following the end of the Cold War.

New in 2019: All the big changes soldiers need to know for the new year

In the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal YearTERA was again reinstated, still allowing authorized members with over 15, but less than 20 years of total active duty service to apply for early retirement. The opportunity to retire under this TERA program still ongoing, and is expected to end by December 31, TERA is a discretionary authority and not an entitlement. TERA, in general, applies to both officers and enlisted.

While each branch has their own instructions governing who may use the program and they review the program annuallyin general, early retirement under TERA is limited to Active Duty Personnel who are denied continued active duty service to 20 years. The Military elects to use TERA as part of a comprehensive force management strategy to shape the force. For example:. The Coast Guard elected not to implement TERA for enlisted personnel inthough it was implemented for officers — though only for officers that completed at least 17 years of Active Duty service.

TERA retired pay is initially computed using the length of service retirement formula [check out the featured article Understanding Military Retirement Pay ].

It is about 14 percent less than those who get the 50 percent for serving the full 20 years. And just as with a year retirement, TERA gross retired pay is also rounded down to the nearest dollar. For a full explanation of the pay issue srefer to DoD By Patrick Long. Note that the 0. As well, the service member gets credit for each full month of service - days of service less than a month are truncated; o ne day of service is zero months, and so is 29 days.

Continue Reading.During that time, the military contracted in many ways, including the retirement of weapons systems, base closures, and the mass attrition of personnel. Following a decade of relative peace, the world was rocked by the terror attacks of September 11th, which brought us into the War on Terror. Instead of decreasing in size, our military increased its numbers and even implemented measures to temporarily prevent some members from leaving the service.

Many military members were unable to leave the service when they originally intended to, as several branches enacted stop-loss measures that kept servicemembers in uniform long past their initial separation date. However, as the war slowed, the need to keep as many servicemembers in uniform decreased. In recent years, each military branch has used different methods to reduce their force size, including offering servicemembers the opportunity to get an early transition from active duty to the Guard or Reserves, a transition to another branch of the military, or even get an early out through Force Shaping or other measures.

Now, the military is offering select servicemembers the opportunity to retire with only years of service, a substantial reduction from the normal requirement of 20 years of good service. The National Defense Authorization Act signed in reauthorized the branches to offer the Temporary Early Retirement Authority program to select members who meet certain criteria. This law is currently set to be on the books until The time in service requirement, which is more than 15 years and less than 20 years, is set by law.

The other criteria are set by each branch so they can determine how best to shape the quality of their force. Generally, this program is only available to servicemembers who are in overmanned career fields.

You will need to check with your respective service to determine if you are eligible for early retirement under TERA. How to Calculate High-3 Retirement: This retirement plan gives the servicemember a pension based on their average basic pay for their highest 36 months of service.

Under this plan, each year served is worth 2. Each additional year served increases their base multiplier by 2. More info. REDUX is calculated in a similar fashion as the High-3 retirement plan, with a few notable differences.

Instead of using a 2. Since the annual Cost of Living Adjustment is less, the pension grows more slowly over time. Here are two examples for someone who served 15 years:. Here is a pdf that explains in more detailand an article which also discusses the value of an early military retirement. The biggest considerations include your final pension and your quality of life. Now all you need to do is run the numbers and look at your future income potential and take into consideration quality of life issues.

If you are financially secure and are ready to move on to the next stage of your life, then an early retirement may be well worth it from a quality of life standpoint, even with the reduced pension. This may also be the case if you believe you have a high income potential after your military service. Many civilian jobs pay much better than a comparable military job, and the difference in the pension can be easily made up with the higher civilian salary.

Take your time, run the numbers, consider your quality of life if you stay or get out, do some soul searching, and speak with your spouse or significant other.

This is a major decision and one you should spend some time on. Who is eligible for this type of retirement? Is this for recent soldiers from to present? J Marie, As Doug from The Military Guide mentioned in his comment, this program is only open to current military members.