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Please note that some shops are located on Facebook. If you have a Facebook account and are logged in, the link will take you directly to the page. If not, it will take you to the Facebook login page. Sutlers Row Please note that some shops are located on Facebook. Townsend and Son, Inc. Helping historical reenactors, movie makers, theatrical companies, pirates, and regular folk find authentic reproduction clothing and accessories appropriate for to - especially the American Revolutionary War and War of We hope to meet you there.

Also period uniforms, civilian clothing, accessories and equipment for reenactors, museums, etc. We manufacture a large percentage of the goods we sell right here in Indiana, therefore the quality is kept to the highest standards. Purveyers of fine goods to museums, movie industry, theater, re-enactors, hunters, and collectors.

Gedney Godwin, Inc. Includes a used items for sale section. Casques, cuirasse, sabres, epees, shakos, colback, shapskas, mousquets, mousquetons, pistolets, uniformes, etc. Well-researched and accurate historical reproductions. So here you'll find Shakos like those worn by Richard Sharpe and the 'chosen men'! We carry a small stock of Belgic and Stovepipe shakos, but most will be made to your size and requirements.

All the glass we offer are copies of originals, all authenticated and all hand blown. From the Viking era through the Middle Ages and now World War II we have researched and built strong, long lasting historic tents that set the stage and cover the fields at all historic events in this country and around the world.

WMF is also a distributor for Tentsmiths, and will take orders for Tentsmiths' products at any time. Clothing of ordinary 18th century people. I also make bespoke modern and weddings shoes. Hosted by Second Northern Dutch Battalion Grenadier Company, Grenadier Francis van der Weegen offers unique items, accumulated during the winter months by swapping, buying and looting from battlefields. We supply the finest historical garments meeting highest standards of authenticity for reenactors, film productions, weddings, museums, theatres and private individuals.

With an emphasis on quality and historical accuracy, we are able to provide a reliable resource for dress historians, re-enactors, museums and the heritage industry.

A small family owned company doing business since and have done work for a large variety of customers including the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Horse Artillery and the National Motor Museum Beaulieu.Featured within this directory are the contact names and details of traders and service providers who help to bring history to life through the goods and services that they provide.

To assist browsing we have divided the Market into four discrete categories:. Within the Armoury category you can find craftsmen creating hand forged arrowheads through to suppliers of 19th century siege cannon. Our Clothing and Outfitters category includes costumers, shoe makers, corset makers, etc. In the General Store browse through the suppliers of herbal potions, manufacturers of period furniture, silver jewellery and even medieval whistles and flutes.

The Service Providers category features small historical groups available for public and school displays, as well as event management companies that can help to organise your film or TV shoot. Providing horses and carriages for live events, film and re-enactments.

Specialising in historically accurate horse furniture, tack and carriages with safe well trained horses and professional crew. Having worked in theatre and TV I now design and construct historical adaptations to create beautiful replica costumes. Clothing for richer and poorer. We stock a range cloaks and hats etc. Banners and heraldry can also be done with or without embroidery.

All made in the UK. Jonny Cope is a craftsman making multi-period replicas. My speciality is prehistory with knapped flint and hafted tools, Bronze Age tools and weapons, Iron Age and blacksmithed items. We teach curriculum British pre-history to the Iron Age, and offer a dedicated full day visit with hands on activities designed to appeal to all learning abilities.

Using the same methods of the yesteryear gun makers, we hand make historical weaponry from 14th — 19th century, including cannons, wall guns, swivel guns, pole arms, muskets and pistols. Whilst historic-uk. The above information has been supplied by the traders and service providers listed, and as such, historic-uk. To assist browsing we have divided the Market into four discrete categories: Within the Armoury category you can find craftsmen creating hand forged arrowheads through to suppliers of 19th century siege cannon.Historical reenactment societies provide an incredible window into how men and women lived in historical times.

These societies often focus on war reenactment, providing members and sometimes the public a glimpse into what life was like during the conflicts that shaped history. We wanted to honor some of the most outstanding historical reenactment societies which we know of. This list is by no means exhaustive—all reenactment societies are performing a great service.

Here are our favorite historical reenactment societies. Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull. The North West Territory Alliance is an American Revolution reenactment group that works primarily out of Illinois, though their events can be found all over the Midwest.

None of the members are professional actors; they all just have a passion for history, which is why their events are so compelling. The high-quality battle reenactments put on by this historical reenactment group are open to the public, and are on fields in parks, history centers, and everywhere in between.

Then, you can decide if you would like to join as a full time member or not. The only prerequisite is that you must have a passion for history to come aboard! The Burning of the Valleys Military Association is a historical reenactment group that began in They reenact this battle annually now, and the program has expanded enough to offer awards to different members of the group.

These awards are recognitions given to individual members of the association, and the group can even provide scholarships. The Brigade of the American Revolution represents all the different groups of soldiers that fought in the American Revolution.

Over a single weekend, the Brigade will work to create historically accurate camps. Then drilled maneuvers and tactical demonstrations are put on so that those who attend the event can get a good sense of what military life during the 18 th century was like.

While Americans might typically learn about the American militia and regiments in school, the British soldiers also had a rich history while they fought on American soil. Through this historical reenactment group, you will be able to experience the truth about the British army, and not get all of your information about the British from a Mel Gibson movie.

Clothing, Uniforms, Accoutrements

Licensed under Creative Commons 2. The Fort McHenry Guard is nationally significant.

historical reenactment supplies

They reenact the Battle of Baltimore that occurred in the summer ofwhich inspired the Star Spangled Banner. Visitors can come and see the everyday activities of 19 th century citizens in the fort, watch the battle reenactment, learn historical interpretations of the events, and watch demonstrations.

This infantry served in many forts like Fort York, Fort George, and Fort Erie, and participated in many battles and skirmishes. Because of their valiant soldiers, the regiment received honors from different battles.We offer a wide collection of historical clothing, gear, and other related products at competitive prices to our customers worldwide. Our company is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and we are committed to meeting the expectations of our customers.

Regardless of the item you choose, you can expect your orders to be delivered quickly. This is because we usually have all of our products in stock, and we can ship them as soon as possible.

We stand behind everything we sell. That is why our team provides top-notch products at fair prices.

My Civil War Reenacting Gear

Crescent City Sutler has been around for more than 37 years, and we have helped many customers receive the Civil War clothing and other historical items they need in a timely manner. This company was established by my father.

Wooden Hawk Trading Co.

He was a history enthusiast who turned his hobby into a business. To this day, I continue to provide high-quality historical products at reasonable prices to various customers, including:. Under my leadership, the quality of our products and our customer service remains excellent. We continue to offer a complete line of military uniforms, accoutrements, footwear, headwear, tinware, and tentage for all of your living history needs. Additionally, our team provides speedy shipping services and a quick turnaround time on all of our products.

Whenever you have to perform a reenactment of the American Civil War, you can count on us to have the necessary items. Do you urgently need military uniforms for American Civil War reenactments? Are you looking for historical items that you can add to your collection? Browse our online shop today. We have a great selection of uniforms, gear, and other memorabilia. Thank you so much for all the help when I ordered my uniform.

I would like to compliment the lady who helped me. She gave me very good advice on sizing, even to recommending the wide suspenders. Everything fits very well. If I had been left on my own, I would have needed to lose 10 pounds before I could squeeze into the pants.

Of course, only time will tell but everything seems to be very well made. The fabric and construction look to be top-quality. Your shipping was fast and right on time. Shipping charges were fair and reasonable. Again, many thanks for all the help. Please rest assured that I will highly recommend Crescent City Sutler to anyone looking for quality period clothing, great service, and fast shipping. Appreciate the time you took helping me get it right.

Rest assured I will be a repeat customer again in the near future. You're good folks to do business with.

Historic Reenactor Clothing, Accoutrements, Gear & Other Supplies

I received my order today of a tent, bayonet, and assorted items. All were in perfect condition and exactly as presented, and at a great price too. The package was on my doorstep two days after calling in my order, that is great service! I will definitely recommend crescent city sutler to my friends!

Geez you guys are fast. I've had slower sneezes. Greatcoat just arrived and it's really nice. Thanks so much.Crazy Crow offers a line of historically authentic ready-made early American clothing and accessories that generally spans the overall muzzleloader era - Our shirts, frocks, vests, ponchos, pants, hats, and accessories will have you strutin' your stuff in style at the next rondy or other reenactment!

Our period clothing is based on historical research and is made from authentic fabrics that match the era. A typical "reenactment" takes place over a one to three-day period, usually over a weekend folks have real jobs.

Reenactors gather and set up an encampment, using reproductions of tents, cooking equipment and camping gear from the period they represent. Each day of the reenactment, you can visit the encampment, talk with the reenactors and watch demonstrations of everything from open-fire cooking to tomahawk and knife throwing.

You can learn to dance or listen to musical performances. You can also shop at a reenactment in a special area called the "sutlers' camp. The highlight of a reenactment is usually a particular battle or historic event on which it is based. Spectators head to a field or viewing area to watch the reenactors gather and fight "the" battle. Everything is as authentic as participants can make it, from uniforms and weapons to the battle formations.

Of course, the reenactors don't fire real bullets, but they do fire their weapons, using black powder, so things can get loud and smoky. Reenactments aren't just for men, of course. At a typical reenactment, you'll also see women and children in period costume.

You might attend a Civil War fashion show or a colonial sewing circle. Ladies' teas and other demonstration social events are very popular. Historic "reenactment" have a long history.

The Romans staged recreations of famous battles within their amphitheaters as a form of public spectacle. In the Middle Ages, tournaments often reenacted historical themes from Ancient Rome or elsewhere.

Military displays and mock battles and reenactments first became popular in 17th century England. In the nineteenth century, historical reenactments became widespread, reflecting the romantic interest in the Middle Ages of the times.Our phone lines are always available, please give us a call- Saturday and after hours by appointment.

Thanks for your support We Appreciate Your Business!! Check out our Damascus Knives New Item! Click here to go to our Leather Items page. Click Here To visit our Flag page including period American and Confederate Flags for reenactments.

Now presenting The Merchandise. Civil War Clothing Patterns. Gift Certificates Now Available! Click Here. Civil War Souvenirs and Collectibles. Please enjoy your reading and come back often to see the changes. We didn't get there without YOU! We strive to give high quality and top notch service. If you fail to get either of these attributes at any time, please let me know immediately. Thank you for your support. Andy Fulks- AJF aol. Have you received our Sutler Flyer?? If you haven't gotten yours yet, Give us a call and make sure that you are on our mailing list, OR Just e-mail your name and address and we'll make sure that you get one- Click here.

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Blanket Roll Carrier.Leather Accessories Package. Confederate Frock Coats. Confederate Sack Coats. Confederate Trousers. Union Frock Coats. Union Sack Coats.

Union Trousers. Historical Patterns. We carry a complete line of Cavalry Leather Goods made from Original patterns crafted from the highest grade leather.

Please Call or Email us with questions on your Clothing order Delivery times.

historical reenactment supplies

We have been in the wool clothing business since manufacturing all types of wool coats, wool jackets, wool vests, wool pants, cotton shirts, and more.

We ship all over the world. Online Payment Service.

Mountain Man & Historic Reenactment Clothing & Accessories

NEW Heirloom Seasoning. New Items added all the time. New Vintage Blankets! Union Value Uniforms. Confederate Value Uniforms. Civil War Returns, Overstocks. Uniforms of Famous Confederates. Confederate Great Coats. CS Enlisted Shell Jackets.