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Wheel or rim backspacing is one of the ways that a wheel's dimensions and fitment applications are described; other measurements are offset, width, diameter and bolt pattern. A wheel's backspacing affects how it will fit on your car and is an important aspect of proper wheel fitment. Backspacing and offset are often confused. Backspacing is the distance from the mounting pad of the wheel to the inside edge of the wheel.

mrap wheel backspacing

The mounting pad of the wheel is where the pad seats up against the hub. Determining wheel offset uses a similar measurements used to determine backspacing but is the distance from the wheel pad to the center of the wheel.

To determine a wheels backspacing, lay the wheel flat on the ground with the face of it facing down. Place a flat edge across the wheel so that it is supported on either side of the wheel. Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the distance from the pad in the center of the wheel where the mounting holes are located to the edge of the wheel.

The distance is the backspace. Backspace affects fitment of a particular wheel on a particular vehicle because it affects how far out or in the wheel itself is located in relation to the hub. A wheel with a smaller backspace will locate the wheel away from the body and may result in fender rubbing while also increasing strain on the hub and suspension. A wheel with more backspacing has the opposite affect and moves the wheel in toward the body.

This situation can result in the wheel interfering with and making contact with the brakes, suspension or inner wheel well. Knowing your wheel's backspacing is needed if you want to determine the wheel's offset. To determine offset, measure the wheel's width, which will end up being something like 6, 7 or 8 inches or more.

Next, determine the wheel's centerline, which will be the measurement from the outside edge or flange to the inside edge divided by two. Subtract the wheel centerline from the backspace that was previously determined to get the offset. If the wheel's backspace is less than the wheel's centerline, then the wheel has a negative offset.

If the backspace is larger than the wheel's centerline, then the wheel's offset is positive. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. What Is Rim Backspacing? How to Determine Backspacing To determine a wheels backspacing, lay the wheel flat on the ground with the face of it facing down. How Does it Affect Fitment? Determining Offset Knowing your wheel's backspacing is needed if you want to determine the wheel's offset. References Backspace Info. Wheel Tech Information. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

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MRAP wheels. Thread starter jimm Start date Jun 23, I have a question for the group. My truck had the adapter plates installed on the inboard side of the front wheels with bolts pointing outboard. On both rear axles the adapter plates are outboard of the wheels with the bolts pointing inboard. I need to take all my wheels off and remove the adapter plates because they where installed without paint and are gently rusting.

I will blast them, prime, and repaint. The plates installed inboard look better as you see more of the actual wheel. On the rear, obviously the backspacing would change by what ever thickness the adapters are in thickness, but would they not be better if mounted inboard?

I know this more a question of looks but since I need to remove them for cleaning and paint I thought I would ask for opinions. I do not know positively who made the adapters and am waiting on an answer from the former owner to see if he remembers. Fatalid Member Steel Soldiers Supporter. If that is the case, you need to remove the rear hubs and flip them so the tires all line up and then you can run the adapter plates the same way as the fronts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.Our extensive database allows our sales staff to offer you the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Wheel offset and backspace measure the same thing but in a little different way. They tell you where in the wheel well a particular wheel will sit. Offset is a measurement in millimeters from the backside of the mounting plate to the center line of the wheel.

A positive number puts the mounting…. If the offset is not stamped on the back side of your wheel and your research has you still feeling empty, you can measure the backspacing of your current wheels at home. This is a high-quality wheel with aggressive styling and fitments that are generally more aggressive than stock fitments. The Jeep JK fitments are 17x8. In a previous post, "Jeep Wrangler Wheels and Tires", we discussed using 17x9" aftermarket wheels with mm offset, which is about 4.

That sizing, for many people, is the magic combination to fit 33" or 35" tires on the Jeep JK. I was…. The higher the backspace, the further back into the fender well it will sit. To help you understand offset and backspacing, take a look at…. Bolt pattern. Backspace or offset.

You need to know your current offset. Even if you are going to make a dramatic change, your previous offset can be a…. Many drivers are familiar with rim diameter, bolt pattern and centerbore, but not offset and backspacing. Offset is the distance between the mounting pad and rim's midpoint. The diagram to the right shows a wheel …. It seems to give a bit more room for big tires with slightly higher offset wheels.

Generally, 4. You can shop by size to help you find the tires that are right for your application. For more information on selecting the proper wheel, read "What is Wheel Offset and Backspace?Calculate differences in both tire size and wheel offset positioning for new wheel and tire setups. View the results with our visualizer and compare key measurements for accurate fitments.

Input your current tire and wheel setup including wheel offset, then add the new setup to compare positioning. The visualizer will show the new setup outlined in orange, the side by side comparison of the two sizes and the changes to speedometer readings.

mrap wheel backspacing

Also calculated are the differences in tire diameter, width, aspect ratio, and revolutions per mile along with changes to key measurement differences. The distance from the top of the tire to the fender well, the inside of the tire to the vehicle's suspension and frame, and the poke of the tire are all shown.

You may also click on the Offset Converter tab to convert wheel offset to backspacing and vice versa.

Offsets and Backspacing - How to choose the wheels you need!

Just select a wheel size and start typing either offset or backspacing and the equivalent will be shown. We only use an offset input for the calculator, so if you know the backspacing and not the offset simply convert it and input the offset into the field.

We do this because offset does not require a wheel width to determine the correct mounting surface of the wheel. This is a small concern unless you plan on running wheel widths that are well outside the manufacturer's recommended range.

If you plan on stretching the tires, or running wheel widths that are wider than the width of the tire then you will need to keep in mind that the visualizer is showing tire position not wheel position. Wheel offset is the distance in millimeters from the center line of the wheel to the mounting surface.


If the mounting surface is closer to the face of the wheel it is known to have a positive offset and if the mounting point is closer to the inside of the wheel it has a negative offset. Center or no offset is when the mounting point is directly on the centerline of the wheel. Wheel backspacing is the distance in inches from the mounting surface to the inside edge of the wheel. A wheel's width is from the mounting points of the tire beads, therefore the measured width of a wheel from outside edge to outside edge is about an inch wider than spec.

An 8" wheel will measure 9" from side to side, this makes converting offset to backspacing not so straight forward. If an 8" wheel has a center offset the backspacing is not 4", it is actually 4. Wheel Width 4" 4. Backspacing in. Wheel Offset mm.First things first, you end up searching the internet trying to find your bolt pattern, backspacing, hub size, and more.

Does diameter matter? Does width matter? Things like backspacing and offset can be as unique as the wheel that matches your truck. So how can you be sure what you want will fit and look exactly how you want it to?

mrap wheel backspacing

The first number listed is the diameter in inches. The third set of numbers is where it gets tricky. That number is the offset of the wheel in mm. So a 22x12 mm would be a mm offset. What is offset? In the truck world, many custom truck wheels come in aggressive negative offsets.

The more negative the offset, the more aggressive stance you will get. A negative offset is what can create a larger lip or concave style, which will push the tire out. Does backspacing matter? Backspacing is similar to offset, but it changes where we measure from. Backspacing is less commonly used than offset, because offset has replaced backspace measuring in common wheel fitment.

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mrap wheel backspacing

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